Human Hubris

Quickie today, e’rbody. Take a look at this cartoon:


This one panel says far more than a million Family Circus comic strips. I won’t make this a digression on WWJD, although that’s a fair discussion for another day.

It’s a clever, if dark, exposure of the deadliest vice that may turn against us if we lose sight of everything that doesn’t concern our collective ego — arrogance. One need not oppose the use of nuclear weapons in every possible circumstance to get the point. If the meek shall inherit the earth, those so vain to suppose they have every right to oust millions of sentient beings (human and otherwise) stand to lose it in mutually assured destruction.

I may be wrong, however, and that’s the point. Tell me what you see in this simple piece of artwork.


One thought on “Human Hubris

  1. Stacey says:

    You made me think long and hard on that one little picture and I liked it very much. I also really like how your blog is set up and organized. It is an awesome blog!

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